Service and repair

Periodical maintenance check-ups are the integral part of after-sales service aiming to extend the level of durability, efficiency and safety of equipment.

Following recommendations of equipment manufacturer and performing timely maintenance lead to equipment downtime decrease, lower cost of repair, efficiency increase and operator safe activities.

After-sales service of high-technology products should be carried with qualified specialists taking part. Frequency of after-sales service, quality of spare-parts used and specialists carrying maintenance make influence on your equipment fleet operations.

Therefore, service is that important when choosing equipment offering companies.


We assure our clients in assembly highest quality and operational reliability. This is backed up by manufacturing plant warranty.

Equipment repair         

It is not necessary to spend time and means for delivery to a service-centre in case of equipment repair or maintenance need. You may call our mobile service workshop to perform repair at the equipment location.

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  • repair

There are mobile service workshops equipped with compressors, oil pump-down devices, tools, intermediate facilities and other available for you. They may perform routine equipment maintenance on you territory.

You can make a contract with us. Our technical specialists will perform timely routine maintenance. It will increase productivity and durability of equipment. Moreover, you get additional advantages for spare parts and technical specialist consulting on equipment fleet effectiveness increase on making a contract.

Our mobile service team operating area is all the territory of Uzbekistan Republic.