About Us


As of today UNIEQ group of companies consists of 3 companies pursuing different business lines:

«UNITED INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT» Co Ltd under the Agency agreement is officialTOYOTA Industrial Equipment (Manufacturer – TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION, Japan) sales and industrial equipment maintenance agent (Lift trucks, tractors, pilers, payloaders) as well as spare parts agent of TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION Company. The Company also carries out delivery of HYUNDAI Heavy Industry (Manufacturer – Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea) industrial equipment (Lift trucks, tractors, pilers, payloaders) and spare parts as well as GOODSENSE (Manufacturer – ZHEJIANG GOODSENSE FORKLIFT CO., LTD., PRC). In addition to the mentioned above there is warehouse equipment manufactured on the territory of Uzbekistan Republic under the license of LEMA Engineering Sp. z o.o., Poland (Hand pallet trucks, pilers etc.) and warehouse equipment manufactured under the license of Otto-Kurtbach GmbH, Germany (Hand pallet trucks, pilers, reach trucks etc.)

«UNIEQ ENERGY» Co Ltd is HYUNDAI Power products (HYUNDAI Corporation, Korea) brand generator licensed sales company in UzbekistanRepublic. Company also provides installation and maintenance of full range of petrol-powered generators (2 to 5 kilowatt), diesel-powered generators (2 to 10 kilowatt), diesel-powered welding machines (190 ampere, 2.5 kilowatt) and diesel power stations (from 20 to 100 kilowatt).

«UNIEQ Finance Leasing» Co Ltd carries out lease activities with equipment, vehicles, real estate and different types of other machinery including pre-owned.