Rotobloc® RBT Series 400 - 2000 kVA Dynamic UPS

Dynamic UPS

Rotobloc® RBT Series 400 - 2000 kVA Dynamic UPS


• Total Power Failure Protection
• Outstanding Voltage Conditioning
• Unrivaled Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
• Electrical Coupling with Existing or New Genset


The RBT system consists of a standard synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces maintenance.
The ROTABLOC® machine is very robust as critical functions do not use fragile components such as power electronics, power capacitors, electro-chemical batteries, active magnetic bearings, electro-mechanical or mechanical friction clutches.


• Our highly efficient UPS supports your aims to minimize your environmental impact and mitigate the efects of rising energy costs in the future. Our ROTABLOC® design, almost all steel and copper, ensures that it is over 99.97% recyclable. 
• No batteries – no need for expensive replacement cycle / no costly disposal of hazardous materials. 
• No air conditioning required – providing a/c for battery rooms is a significant cost and impacts the environment. 
• Dynamic Autonomy Control (DAC): Automatic speed adaptation for optimum eciency at partial load with FULL critical load protection. 
• 91% of all voltage interruptions last less than 1 second (European urban locations) the RBT protects the load without generator starts (This is configurable to maximize RBT power output or compensate for short interruptions).

Standard Features

  • Input / Output Power Measurement
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Voltage-free Interface Signals
  • Automatic By-pass


  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Plug & Run Parallel Working
  • Supervision Software
  • Containerized Solution
  • Bearing Monitoring
  • Customized Switchgear (Form 4, NEMA)
  • Soundproof Enclosure
  • Tropical Conditions 


  Rotobloc® RBT Serisi 400 - 2000 kVA Dinamik UPS