MSW Series Switch Mode (HF) Battery Charger

Battery Chargers

MSW Series Switch Mode (HF) Battery Charger

1 faz-phase
2/24VDC: 10A-300A


• Switch Mode Technology
• Voltage Controlled Automatic Charging
• Can Be Used as DC Power Supply
• 1 Phase & 3 Phase Wide Power Range
• High Efficiency and Reliability
• Electronic Protections
• Up to 30% Energy Saving


Makelsan Switch Mode Charging Rectifiers are designed with the state of the art technology for charging batteries and DC energy needs of devices supplied by direct current.
Batteries would be charged much safer with the improved software and special charging program. Non-complex structure, easy maintenance properties, user friendly program and other superior features will meet all requirements.
The most important feature of the device is it can be used as supply source as well as a battery charger. Besides low ripple factor increases the battery life. It’s an ideal solution for where device weight and dimensions are problem.


Vessels and Yachts,
Rail Systems,
Hydroelectric Power Plants,
Solar Power Plants,
Automobile Services,
Electrical Devices,

  • DC +/- Ground Leakage Protection
  • Modbus RTU Communication
  • Individual Outputs for Battery and Load
  • Deep Discharge Protection (LVD)
  • Output Dropper Diode
  • Additional Battery Fuse
  • Temperature Comp. Battery Charge Voltage
  • Power Fault Detection Dry Contact
  • Battery Management, Test
  • Rackmounted Chassis/Integrated Battery Racks / (IP31/IP42/IP54/IP65)
  • Input Isolation Transformer / 6 Pulse Structure


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