MSR Serisi 1 - 3000 kVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Regulator

MSR Serisi 1 - 3000 kVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer

3:3 faz-phase
3 - 3000 kVA
1:1 faz-phase
1 - 30 kVA


• Servo Drive Structure, Microcontroller  Controlled Heavy Duty Regulator • Regulates Mains Voltage for Critical Loads
• (P-P) 208/220/230/240/380/400/415/440/460/480/500 V
• IP20, IP21, IP31, IP44, IP54, Versions Available


MSR Series Servo Voltage Regulators consist of Toroidal Variac, Booster Transformer,
Servo Motor and Microprocessor control circuit. The microprocessor-based electronic card measures the mains voltage and adjusts the position of the supply with the servomotor so that the output voltage is 220 VAC or 380 VAC.
Protect the loads against voltage fluctuations and low or high voltage.
  Ideal for industry and military especially for machines, elevators which are sensitive and require fast regulation and for the installations in the locations which have demurrage problems.

  • Non-Linear Charges Drive
  • Wide Power and Voltage Interval
  • Fast Regulation
  • High Reliability Thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver
  • High Efficiency
  • Load Transfer to Bypass Via Pole Charge Switch
  • Safe and Economic Usage
  • Digitally Displayed Status, Input & Output Measurements


  MSR Serisi 1 - 3000 kVA Servo Voltaj Regülatörü

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